Competitive Strategies and Marketing Programs that Win New Markets in the Communicating World

We understand your organization has smart people, great technology, and a huge opportunity. But, it takes more than that to win in today’s hyper-competitive and ever-changing communications markets. Your company needs to be fast, creative, and really focused. You must understand your competitive advantage, and how to best leverage that advantage in delivering real value to specific target markets.

RPM helps you get, and maintain, your focus on critical issues.

  • The products your customers need from you the most.
  • Your market’s appreciation for your real competitive advantages.
  • Delivering the most value possible to your customers.
  • Capturing the opportunities that will most surely and quickly lead to long-term success.

Invest time figuring out the right strategy early - NOW. Making an investment in strategy up-front saves valuable time and money overall, and leaves less to chance. RPM helps companies like yours all the time. That's RPM's focus. With our help, clients plan and execute aggressive strategies that win; accelerating market entry and increasing penetration. We work across the entire service provider value chain, from components all the way up the value chain to service providers and end users. Extensive work in converging wired and wireless markets helps RPM understand changing market requirements, and how our clients can best add value along every link in the chain.

Our work provides a broad market perspective and in-depth knowledge of how value is added at each step. This enables RPM to move fast and help with strategic partnerships.

Community Wireless Networks – New Phenomenon and New Opportunity

In today’s electronic age, it has become clear to countries and communities everywhere that broadband connectivity has become a requirement for economic and cultural development. Confining regulatory environments and expensive technologies have traditionally limited the public’s and local government’s ability to improve connectivity within their communities. Newly developed and highly cost-effective wireless broadband communications technologies (WiFi and WiMax) can now remove many of these developmental barriers. These technologies drastically reduce the cost and complexity of building high-performance wireless broadband communications networks, both in urban areas and throughout diverse rural regions. To learn more…

RPM News

RPM has published a new whitepaper, titled "An Approach to Statewide Wireless Networks". It has been posted and is available for downloading on the Muniwireless and W2i sites at click here and click here respectively